What is TMS Therapy?

The unique and paradigm shifting mechanism of TMS results in making it far more effective than conventional treatments, and produces complete remission of symptoms in just a few weeks in patients who have failed to respond to several medication trials.

  • Non Invasive
  • Effective (75% Success Rates)
  • Safer, with very few side effects
  • Fewer than 1% of patients have discontinued treatment due to adverse events.
  • Covered by major insurance companies Learn more

“When I first heard about TMS therapy, I was a bit skeptical of the procedure. I had not heard much about it, and so I was unsure what the results would be. I was very much mistaken. As it turns out, the therapy is incredibly relaxing. From the time I walked into the office I felt welcomed by the staff, and even after leaving they did a fantastic job of supporting me throughout my follow-up sessions.
I was happy I went for the therapy”.

TMS Videos

Learn more about how TMS treats depression without the use of drugs.