What is TMS Therapy?

TMS therapy at Los Gatos Therapy Center

Los Gatos TMS is the latest FDA-cleared therapy for depression. TMS Therapy uses precisely targeted magnetic pulses that stimulate key areas of the brain that are underactive in patients with depression.

The unique and paradigm shifting mechanism of TMS results in making it far more effective than conventional treatments, and produces complete remission of symptoms in just a few weeks in patients who have failed to respond to several medication trials.

“When I first heard about TMS therapy, I was a bit skeptical of the procedure. I had not heard much about it, and so I was unsure what the results would be. I was very much mistaken. As it turns out, the therapy is incredibly relaxing. From the time I walked into the office I felt welcomed by the staff, and even after leaving they did a fantastic job of supporting me throughout my follow-up sessions.
I was happy I went for the therapy”.

TMS Videos

Learn more about how TMS treats depression without the use of drugs.

TMS and Depression

What is Major Depression?

There is no single cause for depression in all people. The most popular theory is related to decreased activity in the neural networks (the brain). These systems are responsible for transmitting specific chemicals to allow neurons to communicate. These compounds are “neurotransmitters.” Doctors and scientists were once under the impression that depression is a result of inactivity within mood networks. Depression is complicated, and no simple answer can diagnose all individuals. Doctors are even learning that certain people are genetically predisposed to suffer from depression.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies are increasing coverage and access to TMS therapy. In 2008, the FDA cleared TMS therapy as an alternative treatment for those who do not benefit from antidepressants. Since that time, over 60 coverage policies have been created. Most Medicare contractors have approved TMS. The best way to find out about insurance eligibility is to speak with our insurance specialist. For more information, an individual can call their insurance’s reimbursement specialist, which allows an insurance company to verify benefits.

“For the last three years plus, I have battled severe depression. In this time I tried a handful of different antidepressants, but it was to no avail. My depression was so bad that it started to affect my friends and family. After my six-week course of treatment, I felt like I had a new lease on life, and I was so utterly excited. I am so happy I came across NeuroStar TMS Therapy. I can finally face the day with a smile”. – Garret A.